The Divest Fund has closed! Congrats to Salem State University! Click to read more.

The Divest Fund has closed and will release all funds to Salem State University! Click here to read more.

To put pressure on our universities to divest from fossil fuels, a group of students, faculty, alumni, and parents have joined together to create a multi-school donor-advised divestment fund. Show your school that you want to donate but need them to do the right thing and divest from fossil fuels first.

There’s a fossil fuel divestment campaign happening at almost every institution for higher learning, because students know their future depends on “keeping it in the ground.” Human activity has changed the atmosphere, and we are at a critical juncture where air and ocean temperatures could rise drastically, causing social and economic chaos. We already see climate-change refugees fleeing to countries where they might have a better chance of survival. Let’s not turn our backs on our children.

Point of Information: 5% of the U.S. World News college rankings score is derived from the average percentage of undergraduate alumni of record who donated money to the college or university. So donate $10 to your alma-mater.

Donations are tax-deductible and when your school divests they will receive your donation and its earnings from being invested fossil free.

Check out our press release from our first auction!