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2019 Apr 8: Multi-school fossil fuel divestment fund releases $57,000 to Salem State University

University of Rhode Island participation in the multi-school divestment fund started after Fossil Free Rhode Island had been waging a divestment campaign for over two years, calling on the university to live up to their motto: “Think big; we do.” Ron Creamer, a University of Rhode Island alumnus, lawyer and until his death an active member of Fossil Free Rhode Island, reviewed the fund. Creamer’s conclusion at the time was that it was “well-organized and set up for the sole purpose of providing an alternative for alumni to invest their funds in a way that may force schools to review their policies on investing in fossil fuel companies.”

2016 Apr 26: Fossil fuels divestment march set for UW-Madison

UW alumni will present a simulated check representing $7,000 in donations diverted from the foundation and invested instead in fossil-free funds through the Multi-School Divestment Fund…a grassroots collaboration connecting donors to campus divestment efforts.
The $7,000 represents diverted donations from more than 50 UW alumni, including actress Leah Garland and TV writer, Jill Soloway, who donated a walk-on role in her TV show, “Transparent,” to the highest bidder at a recent Climate Change auction.

2016 Apr 5: Student group pressures Worcester State to divest from fossil fuels

The announcement was made during the university’s Learning into Action Fair, held on campus Thursday. Donations were accepted at the fair, with nearly a dozen students and faculty participating, and additional donations have been made to the fund since then.

2016 Mar 8: On the Right Side of History

No more science and impacts and assets, rather a social movement, a new paradigm. I wrote to my alumni councillor and suggested that we did not want to be beaten by Harvard at anything whether that be in football, innovation or in taking an ethical stance. I felt a responsibility, a duty to be on the right side of this issue. I called my broker the next day and triggered the sell orders to become fossil free. I also sent my 2014 Dartmouth donation to the Multi-School Fossil Free Divestment Fund. Dartmouth will get my donation if the endowment is out of fossil fuel stocks by the end of 2017 — the date after which the International Energy Agency has said we can have no new fossil fuel infrastructure if we wish to stay under two degrees celsius of warming. For my sake, and for my ’14, and for the well-being of a potential ’34 I hope Dartmouth gets that donation. At least I can tell the ’34’s that I will know that I divested.

2016 Mar 1: A Greener Gift

In the end, we believe that the most consequential way that Amherst can forward the cause of sustainability is to divest its endowment from fossil fuels. So while we are committed to supporting our alma mater, we also feel that by contributing to the Senior Gift, we would be demonstrating to Amherst that nothing needs to change. We have decided, instead, to donate our money to the Fossil Free Divest Fund. When the day comes that Amherst finally chooses to divest, the Divest Fund will release our donations to the College.

2016 Feb 17: Funding Campaign Auction Raises $50k for Climate Justice

The Divestment Fund hosted an auction that coincided with the 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference, which negotiated the Paris Agreement that pushed for the reduction of climate change, including global greenhouse emissions. The Divestment Fund hoped to connect local divestment initiatives to the global climate crisis seen at the conference.

2015 Oct 14: Letter to the editor: UW Foundation needs to divest from fossil fuels now

As concerned alumni of UW, we are diverting our Annual Fund donations to the Multi-School Fossil Free Divestment Fund (www.divestfund.org), which is invested in fossil-free mutual funds. Our donations will be released to the UW Foundation when it divests from fossil fuels. In this way, we add alumni voices and dollars to the call for divestment. We hope other alumni will join us in donating to the multi-school fund and sign our open letter at http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/uwalumnidivest.


We are aware that our fellow alumni have deeply rooted convictions when it comes to giving. Some will be energized and engaged by supporting MIT’s technical innovations. Others will balk at contributing to an endowment still invested in fossil fuels. For climate-conscious donors, giving to the Multi-School Divestment Fund will only disburse tax-deductible gifts to the Institute if it establishes a divestment plan by 2017. So there is a vehicle to put your dollars behind your convictions!

2015 May 29: Keep it in the ground climate campaign: the week in brief

In the US, it’s graduation time and students across the country are receiving their first request to donate to their university. But a growing number are taking a stand and instead donating to a new fund – which the institution will only receive if it divests from fossil fuels.

More than 200 alumni, parents and supporters have now donated to the Multi-School Fossil Free Divestment Fund at 21 institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology as well as Stanford and Syracuse universities, which have already made divestment commitments. They will receive the money upon completion of the divestment process.

2015 Apr 23: Fossil Free RI pushes URI to divest from fossil fuel industry

Ron Creamer, a URI alumnus and Fossil Free RI member who practices law, read the rules and regulations of the Multi-School Fossil Free Divestment Fund.  He said: “It is well-organized and set up for the sole purpose of providing an alternative for alumni to invest their funds in a way that may force schools to review their policies on investing in fossil fuel companies.”

Philip Petrie, another URI alumnus, said: “Universities need to step up and do their part to fight climate change by divesting from fossil fuels, and this innovative fund gives donors a chance to hold the institutions’ feet to the fire.”

2015 Apr 14: Dartmouth alumni demand college divest from fossil fuels

Divest Dartmouth, a student-run organization, joined divestment groups from 16 other colleges to create the Multi-School Fossil Free Divestment Fund in December. The new fund calls for the involved Universities to immediately cease new investments — and divest from current holdings — in the fossil fuel companies within the next five years.

2015 Apr 11: The Free Lance-Star: DivestUMW sit-in spans two weeks

[Divest UMW Co-founder Zakaria] Kronemer and other members of the club plan on soliciting donations from alumni to go into a specific fund that is unavailable to the university until the board pledges to divest from fossil fuels.

2015 Apr 10: Alumni push College for divestment

Last December, Divest Dartmouth joined with divestment groups from 16 other colleges to create the Multi-School Fund. The fund aims to puts pressure on the involved universities to divest from fossil fuels by collecting tax-deductible donations that will be given to the universities only if they divest from fossil fuels by Dec. 31, 2017, according to the Fund.

2015 Apr 9: Charging in Progress: Georgetown’s campus and global energy impact

Keeping with its continued efforts to lobby the university for divestment, GUFF has joined forces with other universities by supporting a multi-school divest fund. Alumni, students, and other members of the university communities can donate to the fossil free fund instead of their respective school’s endowment.

2015 Mar 26: Fast Company: The Fossil Fuel Divestment Movement’s Newest Strategy: Alternative Endowments

At schools like Harvard, Columbia, the University of California, and a coalition of more than a dozen schools including MIT, Stanford, Dartmouth, and Georgetown, they’ve set up “alternative endowment” fundraising campaigns to advance their cause by showing that former students will give money—as long as that money isn’t going to be invested in fossil fuels.

2015 Mar 5: Alumni group starts fund to pressure MIT to divest

AD-MIT member Kasturirangan and Dartmouth alum David Goodrich said in a Boston Globe op-ed that the fund “leverages the greatest power alumni hold: our annual giving capability.”

2015 Mar 5: Opinion: An open letter on fossil fuel divestment A group of MIT alumni advocates that MIT divest its endowment of fossil fuel holdings

MIT alumni are the face of the Institute to the outside world, and a significant number hold highly visible positions of scientific, economic, and political authority. Already 450 alumni have signed the petition urging fossil fuel divestment of the endowment. A growing number are contributing to the Multi-School Divestment Fund, the proceeds of which will go directly to MIT once its endowment is divested from fossil fuels. By divesting now, MIT would validate its position as a world leader, being the first institution with an endowment over $1 billion to do so.

2015 Feb 27: The Boston Globe: Alumni can use a new tool to pressure universities to divest from fossil fuels

Alumni of these seventeen institutions can now give back to their alma maters while simultaneously demanding the environmentally, morally, and financially sound investment of our contributions. If a substantial percentage of alumni divert their donations to Divest Fund over the next three years, the message will be heard in presidents’ offices across the country.

2015 Feb 25 : Divest Dartmouth joins multi-school fund

Divest Dartmouth alumni coordinator Morgan Curtis ’14 said that joining the Divest Fund has been an exciting way for Divest Dartmouth to engage with alumni in a new way.

“So many alumni quite often they feel like they’re not on campus or in the loop,” Curtis said. “The fund is such an interesting step because it does give alumni that power and that voice to put their money where their mouth is.”

2015 Feb 20: The Boston Globe: Prominent alumni ramp up pressure on universities to divest

The fund collects tax-deductible donations “for those who would like to give to an educational institution but are hesitant because the institution invests in the environmentally, financially, and morally hazardous fossil fuel industry,” organizers said.

2015 Jan 13: The Berkshire Eagle: Williams College trustees urged to divest endowment from fossil fuel-producing companies

Williams is among a number of colleges targeted by an independent effort that encourages donors to funnel gifts through a special fund that would force the institutions to divest in order to collect the donations.

2014 Dec 24: The Gavel: Multi-School Divestment Fund Launched

The Fund works wonderfully in that it allows alumni and friends of BC to make contributions in ways that are morally acceptable to them. [It] really allows for folks to do more than sign a petition, and it speaks in (what seems to be) the preferred language of the institution—donations.

2014 Dec 23: Occupy Boston: Multi-School Divest Fund Launches Today

We now have 13 schools participating and the DivestFund.org website is live. You can donate here: http://www.divestfund.org/donate! We also have a twitter handle (@DivestFund) and are using the hashtag #DivestFund.