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How to Wean Baby off Bottle – It is important to wean babies or children off from the use of bottles. There are some disadvantages that might affect your children caused by the long-term use of bottles. Researchers from the American Academic of Pediatric said that it suggested to leave the usage of the bottle before your baby is 18 months old. Sooner is better.

Children who use baby bottles are more likely to develop tooth decay or underdeveloped teeth. This might happen because inside milk (for example), there is a type of sugar called lactose. By sucking from the bottle, lactose will stay longer and might cause cavities in your child teeth. Some type of liquid (such as juice) also consists of acid which is also bad for the development of your baby tooth.

How to Wean Baby off Bottle

Further, using a bottle also might cause your baby or children to not develop proper feeding skills. Similarly, children who rely on bottle feeding may not be able to consume enough solid food to meet their nutritional needs.

Next, the use of bottles in the long term is also linked to obesity in the child. Some research shows that children with age two and up, and get used to bottle feeding, tend to use bottles in their mouths all the time. This results in too many calories fed to the child and might cause obesity.

Some parents, particularly who’s new in the parenting hood, sometimes are confused in how to wean baby off bottle. herewith we suggest some step or method to wean baby off the bottle:

7 Steps To Weaning Your Baby Off A Bottle 

  1. Introduce a drinking cup to your baby earlier at age 3 to 6 months even though without liquid in it. This helps the baby get used to it. If you breastfeed mom, try to skip the use of bottle from the first and go directly to the cup.
  2. At 8 to 10 months old, a drinking cup can be used instead of a bottle of milk during one meal time in a day. Use the drinking cup for the same feeding time for a week and wait for the result.
  3. Introduce other drinking cups at another baby feeding time to gradually reduce the number of bottles your child receives every week.
  4. It is necessary to create a comfy situation to start something new to your baby. Wean your baby when in his/her stress-free time. It will help them easily adapt with a new drinking approach.
  5. Feeding very slowly. Help your child hold the cup and pour a small amount of liquid into his or her mouth.
  6. Some children might find it difficult to control their behavior by sucking from the bottle. Giving diversion with a pacifier or bottle of plain water is acceptable for the first few months.
  7. The last importance, be patience and consistency are the key to wean baby off the bottle successfully. Do not give up by returning back to the bottle when feeding. Be sure you give your baby a drinking cup in the set time.

In conclusion, feeding your child with a bottle for a long term is not a good option. There are many determinants that might happen to your child. If it already happened, try to wean baby off the bottle at maximum age of 2 years


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